Inductive Reasoning

Test Information: Inductive Reasoning

Inductive reasoning tests involve taking a logical approach to what you are faced with. These tests will usually provide you with a series of shapes, images or text which are connected by some rule, your task is to identify this rule and determine the next element in the sequence.

An example would be a list of instructions that are to be performed on a given (input) pattern or shape and then to select the correct output for the shape. This could involve a series of rotations or inversions. These are particularly common in the aerospace industry however are very often seen as part of the recruitment processes most field.

Some questions may simply provide you with a series of patterns which either have a sequence which they follow or are all simply connected as they conform to the same rule, for example a series of patterns may always contain the same number of circles and squares so you should look out for this when choosing from the possible answers.

Other more simple questions may involve a sequence of letters or numbers which are connected by a particular rule or algorithm, for example 1 2 4 7 11 ?. The next number would be 16, in this case the difference between each number increases by 1 each time.

Why Practice

Like any other skill inductive (or 'logical') reasoning can be practised and with practice you will see these skills develop. Although it is commonly thought that the sequence tests are easy, we would invite people to try our sequence tests and see their personal results and judge for themselves. The aptitude tests that you will undergo will usually start with some easier examples and then become progressively harder. The tests will more than likely be timed and so you should practise to ensure that you can complete the test in the allotted time.

Where Are They Used?

These tests are very common in many recruitment process and are particularly useful for positions that require the ability to look at complex problems in an analytical way, ranging from bank & managerial positions to marketing & air traffic control.

Why Us?

Our inductive reasoning tests (like all of the tests at are compiled in our results area allowing our users to track their progress and learn from their mistakes. We think that the way our tests are administered is a key part in the development of our users' skills, as users can see where they excel and where more work is needed. With our unique results system you can access your previous tests and track your development. A full breakdown of the correct answers will be provided for each test along with the answers you gave for that test, this allows you see where you went wrong or will tell you that you got them all right!