About Aptitude Exercises

Our history of providing psychometric tests

Our website aptitudeexercises.co.uk was created in 2012 with the aim of providing the relevant tools needed to train and develop psychometric skills so that candidates can feel confident when taking an employment selection test. We provide many types of tests, at a cost effective price, in order to develop skills that are commonly tested during the employer assessments.

Employers more often that not will ask potential employees to sit various aptitude exercises. These tests are designed to help the employer decide whether the person will suit the job that they are applying for. The exercises range from spatial and numerical tests to personality questionnaires and group exercises.

We are committed to the constant development of this website and service so any comments will be taken into consideration when updates are released. Our test areas have been developed to be applicable to many different employment sectors. The skills needed to pass the tests can be improved, like any skill, with practise and perseverance. We aim to provide you with a platform that can help with those all-important assessment centres and online tests while delivering it in a fun yet productive way.

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Our Mission

To aid in the development of the key employment skills by providing access to one of the largest databases of practise tests available.

Our Team

Are committed to providing customer service of the highest standard. We pride ourselves in our rapid response times and a helpful approach to answering questions.

Our tests

Have been designed to develop aptitude skills and are supported by a unique results area to track your results, obtain test breakdowns and receive recommendations.