Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy outlines the personal/identifiable information collected through your visit to ("We") and how this data may be used. The term 'data' includes name, email address and any other information which you have provided.

P1. What data do we collect?

Below is a summary of the data we collect.



IP Address Only when using a free trial Yes
Name No Yes
Email No Yes
Phone Number, Address No If payment by PayPal

An IP Address is an identifier for a computer or device. This can be linked back to you. This is the only information which is automatically collected without user input. If you do not register, then we will only record your IP address if you have used our free trial system. We use your IP address to track the amount of trials performed and record user logins for security purposes.

If required, we'll use your email address to contact you (for example: notifying you that we have received a payment from you etc.) Occasionally, we may email you special offers but this will be limited to a maximum of 5 emails per week for promotional purposes of our products.

We may use cookies to store information about your current session. for example if you login to our website we may use cookies on your computer to record your current session.


If you decide to purchase online test packs, then we will store your payment information, i.e. your PayPal details. This includes your name, address and PayPal username. This will be used to track the status of your payments. We will never make this information available to anyone except our website Administrators.

P2. How we use your data

The data we collect from you, as described above, is only ever used by our website Administrators. We will never sell or give away your personal data unless required to by judicial or other government agencies subject to warrants, subpoenas or other governmental orders.

P3. Under 13s

We do not allow under 13's to register on our website; this is against our terms of use and hence prohibited.

P4. Storing your data

We employ strict security procedures to ensure that the data we have collected is stored safely on our web servers. We never store plain text passwords nor do we make your information publicly available. We encrypt some personal data we store to make sure not even our Administrators can identify the plain text being stored (e.g. passwords).

We continuously check and maintain our security procedures for best practise.

P5. Updating the Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to amend these terms. Registered users will receive email notice prior to any change. You may, however, request that we delete all of your personal data along with access to our website. This is important if you disagree with an amendment to our policy. You can request so by emailing us here.