Data & Error Checking Tests

What are Data Checking tests all about?

Data checking exercises require you to analyse a given collection of letters and/or numbers and select the match from a list of possible answers. These tests are especially good for testing your attention to detail as it is easy to slip up with transposition errors when not many letters have been moved.

The tests are designed to catch you out and the numbers are deliberately chosen and displayed in a way that is difficult to spot the errors, tricking you into choosing the wrong answer. When you look at a string quickly its very easy to miss information and select the wrong answer.

You will have a very small amount of time to answer a large number of questions; this is how the employers trip you up. With practise you can build up your analytical skills which will decrease the number of times you get caught out.

A good idea would be to try and find out if the tests are negatively marked (ours aren't), i.e. if you lose points for wrong answers. Most of the time there will be more questions that you are expected to be able to answer so it may be better to go slower to ensure the ones you do answer are correct. Our system will give recommendations for how you might be able to improve your score based on work rate and accuracy.

 Did you know...

These style of questions have a variety of names that both employers and testing agencies use. To name some:

Data Checking, Error Checking, Checking Test, Clerical Test

Ready to start practising?

Q. Why should I practice? The questions seem pretty simple to me.

Our Answer: These tests are not difficult as such, they are designed to test you in a unique way. By design, the questions are simple. The tricky part comes when you are under extreme time constraints.

How many questions did you attempt during the test?
How many did you answer correctly of the questions you attempted?

Candidates often try one practise test, focus on how easy the questions are and go on to test day without further thought. These are the people that will trip up. They will not have had the experience of how time pressured these questions are. In the real test, they'll focus on the time rather than the question. By practicing the error checking exercises, you can get in the right frame of mind and minimise mistakes.

Q. Who uses these questions and why do they use them?

Our Answer: Referred to clerical tests as well as data checking tests, this test reveals how well you can notice errors when under pressure. Therefore, it is found in employment entrance exams for banks and other analytical careers. Data checking exercises are quick, high volume exercises set by many employers during their recruitment stages. Data checking questions are also used in various IQ tests.

Q. Why should I practise with you, I've seen another website which has a FREE practise test?

Our Answer: Firstly, we have developed hundreds of thousands of checking questions. Every test we administer is different (apart from our free trial). Anyone can practise with one test and cover the same 10 questions again and again. You won't learn anything doing that.

Using our system you have access to a unique results area where all of your personal tests are saved. Not only can you revisit your test history to see where you went wrong, you can track your progress and watch your skills develop.

Our data checking tests (along with all of our test areas) have been designed to help you develop your skills and fully prepare for the aptitude tests that employers use during their recruitment stages for both experienced hires and graduate schemes.